Saturday, April 28, 2018

7:40 Mark

After the long wet winter,
all that time didn’t find me
an ending. 
Do you remember?

I was forever, that dark reel
stalled in space
still alive at the 6:20 mark,

I can’t tell you what 
and then
something is spilling

urgent, my eyes
let me be

from far away, running,
Mom-mom’s backyard
the grass I laid, giddy, as a boy
some summers
                some fall
tapping on the window like,
member we found that kitten?
sliding to the ground like, 

how we play, waiting to wake​,

already here.

alive at the 7:12
28 seconds left

unexpected, terrible
ordinary day
tiny eternity resting
in my childhood
as if there was a shelter

                8 seconds

shiny screaming hole
red faced.           tears, no sound

that quiet kid

                splitting, insistent, I am

--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --

Watch Sacramento police officers shoot Stephon Clark dead
The Herald Sun, Mar 21, 2018
WARNING: Graphic content. The Sacramento Police Department has released body cam footage of the shooting of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man, in his grandparents' backyard. This footage is from camera 1. The shooting occurs near the 7:40 mark.

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