Sunday, September 17, 2017

Take it Easy, Take it Hard

For Bubba

In the winter I wait for summer.
In the thick of summer, it seems like cooler,
more tolerable weather will never circle back around. 
Days and weeks are spiraling past, while simultaneously the bus never seems to round the corner. My friend, you write: Innocents, awaiting the divine, suddenly propelled forward on the edge of an alien tsunami. Fifty years gone in a blink. 
Knowing that fifty days and fifty years can blink and drag and blink and drag... how can I argue? 
How can I deny it?
Instead I will say this:
Go get Marly, walk down and let him splash in the river and shake his natty fur. Sit in the garden near Phebe's witchy thistle patch. Sit in the grass, lay down in the grass. Rest your head on that smelly precious dog. Light a bonfire, drink wine from a coffee cup on the darkening porch. Dance until the record skips then tell jokes in the kitchen, mosquito slapping. Scratch your beard, take a swim and shake your natty fur. Let your grown son be a child. Take it easy and take it hard.
Go get Marly and walk down to the river,
I will watch for the bus finally rounding the corner
and find myself aboard.


Lorna said...

Fifty years gone in a blink? Sometimes it seems that way; other times it seems like it's fifty years between November and May.Which is worse?

Anonymous said...

listening to Speaking of Faith about the four Horsemen of Voodou, reading Take it easy take it hard,salty tears in my eyes,I am ridden by a wild diety,who is the alien? You touch my restless soul. Cmon over and sit on our new bridge across the creek. Phebe will show you new ,mysterious patches in her garden. Potatoes fomenting waiting for lime. Marley laying here next to me,stumbled on the stairs this AM... The neat thing about the difference between christian saints and Vooodoo dieties is that the dieties were never corporeal. Saints are revered for their almost perfect goodness . There is more room for me in Voodoo. You can work it both ways there between good and evil. I love in between. The dude says -Patrick Belgarde Smith- there are no sins below the equator. Find the equator in your body. The bonfire grows and awaits. Cmon here SOON bring my grown man little boy along! and anyone else you deem fit.Love ya,miss ya more after reading your blog Country Bubba