Sunday, January 03, 2010

First Time

for DH
So many minutes,
hopeful shoulder dozing—
So many neighbors,
High-rise project swampland
And last stop.

Weeping wound
Weeping desert,
wood worn and songs petering
nothings running ...

... ...
Where did the day go? Where did the year?
Pole-dancer, jerking for a quarter
the Coney Island princess
has lost her shine.

And everyone looks unamused
And everyone is a part of the show
Just who do we think we are?

It’s cold. The Comet has stalled.
Here is where fathers
bring their weekend babies

Tattered cat, grifters.
3 darts for a dollar

Deflated balloons.
Murky ocean, deserted walk

Tell you what: this one’s free!
Tell you what, this one’s on me.

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