Monday, May 30, 2011

Always Already

These ache-days are slipping always through.
Already gone, it is now barely possible to speak on
what could not be spoken of.
All nights, no thing evoked, except the dreams-
warm mud-filled.
In the filled mud-warm, it is murky without.
There are always all days to endure
the mereness of these specifics.

"Heidegger argues that our ontic feelings of anxiety testify to the "groundlessness" of human existence, revealing an ineradicable insecurity which Heidegger connects to the fact that our existential trajectories - the life-projects, roles, and identities that define who we are - have "always already" been shaped by a past that we can never get behind and head off into a future in which these self-defining projects will always be incomplete, cut short by a death we can neither avoid nor control. In Heidegger’s famous phrase we exist as a "thrown project": thrown out of a past we cannot get behind, we project ourselves into a future we can never get beyond. "Existence" (from the Latin Ek-sistere, out-standing) is this standing-out into time, a temporal suspension between natality and mortality."


carrel dweller said...

I've read and re-read this. I keep meaning to pick out one phrase that strikes me most strongly -- but the whole poem is so tightly constructed that I can't. I love it. Mmmph.

BTW I posted a (gasp) story on my site -- now I'm all set for the next slam! http://www.karmickudzu.blogspot.com is the new one.

mickey said...

i must say i agree with him.

2260 lake ave said...

hello warm mud dreamer. I'm beginning again on 2260 lake ave. Your philosophy quote had me going in two directions: i was going to gather all my philosophy books and torch them,and I began to read SIGNS by Merleau-Ponty again. I'm reading him about Hussrl and I will respond to your Heidegger shortly. Miss you. Love ya Bill